Vertical Stacked Barplot

Dataviz logo representing a Bar chart.

This tutorial is a variation around the general introduction to barplot with react and d3.js. You should probably understand the concepts described there before digging into stacking.

This example shows how to represent 2 levels of grouping in a barplot, resulting in a stacked barplot. The items of the dataset are divided in groups (reprented as bars) and subgroups (represented as sections in each bar).

A code sandbox is provided for the final result, but explanations target what's different compared to an usual barplot.

Useful links

Plot and code

This is a vertical stacked barplot built using React and d3.js. It is very similar to the horizontal version. So very little explanation is provided here. Enjoy the sandbox!

Most basic barplot built with d3.js for scales, and react for rendering


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Picture of a horizontal barplot made with React and d3

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Most basic barplot built with React and d3

GIF of a data update on a React barplot

Barplot dataset transition

How to smoothly animate the transition between dataset

Picture of a stacked barchart made with react and d3

Horizontal Stacked Barplot

Represent group and subgroup values by stacking the data



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