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Interactivity is a key feature of any chart displayed on the web. It includes tooltip, hover effect, cross-graph interaction, zooming, panning and more.

Interactivity is a big topic. This section aims at giving general tips and tricks on the topic together with applied examples ready to be used in your project.

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Work in Progress

This section is a work in progress. 🚧

For now, it just lists all the charts using Interactivity in the gallery.

But I plan to write some complete tutorials on this passionating and complicated topic. You can subscribe to the project to know when it's ready!


GIF of a scatterplot with hover effect

Scatterplot Hover effect

How to add a hover effect to highlight a group on a scatterplot

GIF of a bubble plot smoothly transitioning data

Bubble plot data set transition

How to smoothly animate the transition between dataset

gif of a violin plot smoothly transitioning to a boxplot using shape morphism

Violin to Boxplot transition

Using shape morphism to smoothly transition from a boxplot to a violin and reverse

GIF showing a violin plot with varying bucket size

Bucket size effect

Interactive example showing the bucket size effect on a violin chart

GIF showing a mirror transition between a boxplot and a violin plot

Boxplot to Violin plot

Interactive example showing the difference between a boxplot and a violin

GIF of a histogram with animated data transition

Histogram dataset transition

How to animate the transition between datasets

GIF of a data update on a React barplot

Barplot dataset transition

How to smoothly animate the transition between dataset

GIF of a line chart that animates between 2 dataset

Line chart with dataset transition

How to smoothly animate the transition between 2 dataset on a line chart

GIF of a streamgraph react component that supports hover effect

Streamgraph with hover effect

How to add a hover effect on a streamgraph to highlight a group

GIF of a streamgraph

Offset and Smoothing transition

An interactive streamgraph example showing how to animate transition between the chart stacking features.

GIF of a streamgraph with multiple interactive features

Streamgraph application

Streamgraph with a slider to zoom on a time stamp and with interactive inline legends

General Knowledge


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